Building and Other Permits

Building permits are required in the Town of New Holstein

Most permits have fees associated with them, please contact us for more details.  

Building Permits: Contact Town Chairman Ben Henke at (920)-418-3388     Permits can be issued by Calumet County Planning and Zoning (920)849-1493, Witkowski Inspection LLC (920)849-9274 (the Town Building Inspector) OR the Town Chairman depending on the type of project. Please call the Chairman  for details. 

Utility Permits: Contact the Town Hall (920)-898-4606  OR Email: 

Manure Permit: Contact the Town Hall (920)-898-4606  OR Email: 

Road Access/Culvert Permits: Contact Supervisor Dean Konen at (920)-894-7452

Raze Permits: Contact Supervisor Len Heimerman at (920)-901-1270