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Town of New Holstein Residents I would like you to be aware of the upcoming resolution that will be on the April 2nd ballot.  There will be two questions on the ballot regarding the clerk and treasurer position. 

“Shall the person holding the office of Town Clerk in the Town of New Holstein be appointed by the Town Board?”

“Shall the person holding the office of Town Treasurer in the Town of New Holstein be appointed by the Town Board?”

This is not the first time these questions have been raised to the residents of the Town of New Holstein. It was put before the residents many years ago at an annual meeting, and the vote to approve was given at that time. Before the change was implemented, it was determined that because of the population of the Town of New Holstein, these questions needed to be asked on a referendum. It was placed for a vote by referendum, but it failed to pass. I would like to take this opportunity to explain the reasoning of why this resolution has come up again. These positions, just like many job positions in our current workforce have become very technical. They are hands on positions, and require a great deal of knowledge. Completion of government forms; payroll and tax requirements; accounting procedures; and governmental budgeting are just some of the job duties. In the future, this would give us the opportunity to offer these positions to qualified individuals.

Should you have any questions please contact the Town of New Holstein Board members.  Thank you.

Ben Henke, Town of New Holstein Chairman


New residents to the Town should contact the Clerk about voter registration or any election questions.

Also, please view the websites below for more helpful information on what's on the ballot, requesting absentee ballots, etc.


Town Clerk contact information:   

 Lynn Pendleton  920-418-1178    Email: Clerk@tn.newholstein.wi.gov  


REMINDER - Photo ID is required to Vote

Polls are Open from  7:00am to 8:00pm Voting location: 

Town Hall, W1465 Tecumseh Road 

or in person absentee at the Town Office prior to election day (by Appointment).


State of Wisconsin Election WebsiteS




Yearly Election Cycle

Spring Primary Election:  Third Tuesday in February 

Spring Election:  First Tuesday in April

Partisan Primary Election:  Second Tuesday in August

Fall General Election:  First Tuesday in November