Welcome to the Town of New Holstein!                           

 We are a small friendly rural community among many in east central Wisconsin with rolling hills and small woodlands scattered throughout our township.  We have many fine dining locations in and around the surrounding area. We are also centrally located to a number of larger communities for shopping, work, entertainment, etc. plus we have access to three fine public school systems.

Upcoming Events


     ABSENTEE VOTING: If you wish to vote Absentee for the November General election...avoid the rush! Do it now...Go to:   myvote.wi.gov



There are items being put in residential garbage containers for curbside pickup that aren’t allowed. 

 Any and All banned items found in your garbage bins will INCUR A SPECIAL CHARGE OF  AT LEAST $50.00 

This includes but is not limited to: Tires, Electronics, Plastics, and all other recyclable items. 



* All  COVID-19 or Corona Virus Information has MOVED.   See the Community Drop down tab and click on Corona Virus tab for more health information                                                                                   


               Monthly Board Meeting: October 14, 2020 at 7:00 pm                                                       (Click green button below for details, when available)                                                            PLEASE NOTE>>> Social Distancing Recommendations of 6' will  be enforced at all our meetings until further notice    Masks are asked to be worn per CDC recommendations


News . Notices . Updates

  •  Corona Virus information:  The orders for this virus are changing periodically, Please see the State website for Department of Health Services (DHS) or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for more information, also visit our Community drop down tab for further information and Please monitor local newscasts for the latest updates.
  • 2020 Census:  The 2020 Census is coming! You can click on the link 2020 Census ahead of time if you have questions regarding the census. Let's all make sure we get counted!
  • ELECTION INFORMATION:   If you have questions about upcoming elections, please go to the  Election Information page under the Government dropdown of our website for help.
  • Application for WPS Natural Gas Project. Project Update: Application has been approved by the Public Service Commission as of January 30, 2019. Construction is expected to begin in Spring of 2020 and be completed by Spring of 2022. See Attachment
  • How to Control Noxious Weeds.
  • The Town Board adopted an ordinance regulating the Razing or Removal of Buildings in the township, see the full ordinance in the Government section on the Town Ordinances page. Raze or Removal of a building in the Town requires a Permit.  Contact Supervisor Ben Henke to obtain a permit.
  • The Fire Departments remind all residents to check their driveways for tree growth or placement of objects near or on your driveways. A minimum clearance of 10 feet in width and 13 feet in height is requested. Remember, a fire truck or ambulance is much larger than your car.  Please maintain driveways to allow the safe and efficient passage of emergency vehicles should the need arise.
  • Please Note; In the event that the Town website server would 'go down' and we would be out of service for a time, here is information on where the postings would be for town meetings that could occur during those times. There are three (3) posting locations in addition to the website.        1) W1465 Tecumseh Rd. (Town Hall)                              2) W505 Fur Farm Rd. (7 Corners Bar & Grill)                                       3) N126 School St. (St. Anna Fire Dept.)

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