Corona Virus Health Information

                         Information Provided through Calumet County Emergency Management       and from the State of Wisconsin Governors office. 

* Emergency Order #1   Related to Face Coverings as issued by the Governor on 2-4-2021                                     * Executive Order #105  Declare a Public Health Emergency issued by the Governor 2-4-2021             * COVID-19 Testing Sites from Calumet County Public Health click to see details 1-5-21                 * Emergency Order #3  Limit Public Gatherings Issued by Dept. of Health Services 10-06-20                                    * Public Health COVID-19 Alert  Issued through Calumet County for the tri county area 10-2-20            *  Executive Order #90  Declare a Public Health Emergency Issued by the Governor 9-22-2020    *  Emergency Order #1   Related to Requiring Face Coverings Issued by the Governor 9-22-2020        *  Emergency Order #1   Requiring Face Coverings in certain situations Issued by Governor 7-30-2020                    * Emergency Order #82  Relating to Declaring a public Health Emergency Issued  by Governor 7-30-2020         *  Calumet County: Guidance for Reopening May of 2020                                                                             * Calumet County Local Health Order #1  Issued May 14, 2020 by County Health Officer                               * Emergency Order #36 Interim order to turn the dial as of 5-11-2020                                                   *Emergency Order #34 Interim order to turn the dial as of 4-29-2020                                                                         * Emergency Order #31 Adoption of phased approach to open the state back up as of 4-20-2020                           * Badger Bounce Back plan Plan of Reopening Wisconsin as of 4-20-2020                                                               * Safer at home Extended (See Updated Order as of 4-16-2020)                                                                                   *  Safer at home (3-25-2020  16 page document from Governor Evers)                                                            *  Safer at Home (FAQs)  (9 page document from Governors Office updated 3-31-2020)                                      Here are some links to go to for more up to date information:                                                           *  Wisconsin Department of  Health Services (DHS)                                                                             *  Centers for Disease Control (CDC)                                                                                                       *  Calumet County Website                                                                                                                * Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - File #2                                                                                         * Emergency Order #8 Update (3-20-2020) - File #3                                                           Click to read actual order and for any questions.