Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Monthly meetings for the Town of New Holstein are regularly held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at    6:30 pm at Location: New Holstein Town Hall  |  W1465 Tecumseh Road, New Holstein

Here you will find current agendas and minutes, as well as archived agendas and minutes.

September Minutes

September Agenda

August Minutes

August Agenda

July Minutes

July Agenda

June Minutes

June Agenda

May Minutes

May Agenda

April Minutes

April Agenda

March Minutes 

March Agenda

February Minutes

February Agenda 

January 2022Minutes

January 2022 Agenda

2021 Organizational Meeting

December 2021 Minutes

December 2021 Agenda

November 2021 Minutes

November 2021 Agenda

October 2021 Minutes

October 2021 Agenda

                      Archived Agendas and Minutes By Month and Year